Compartis® ZrO2

Introducing Cercon® ht Full Contour Zirconia Restorations - Now Available through Compartis!

The Compartis® central manufacturing facility makes it easy for your lab to do what it does best—brilliance in artistry. The open architecture capability allows Compartis® to receive files from any scanner that produces .stl files plus Cercon® art files and mill single unit or multi-unit full contour or substructure restorations to the exact prescriptions.  The customer will receive zirconia full contour, substructure restorations or resin copings within 72 hours.

  • New!  Cercon ht full contour zirconia restorations
  • Precision milled restorations from state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology
  • Array of 16 highly popular shades plus white
  • Confidence of the DENTSPLY brand for reliable service

Cercon® ht zirconia is the official zirconia milled at Compartis. With 10 years of clinical history and over 6 million dental units placed, Cercon zirconia provides confidence in material performance. 

The Cercon ht Stain and Glaze Kit is recommended for staining new Cercon ht full contour zirconia restorations.  This kit was specifically designed for Cercon ht full contour zirconia restorations and allows you to achieve 16 custom shades keyed to the Vita®* Classical Shade Guide.

For more information, please contact Compartis customer service at 800-243-1942 ext. 54211.

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*Vita® is not a trademark of DENTSPLY International, Inc.