Compartis® NP Non-Precious Metal Substructures

New from DENTSPLY SmartSourcing Services, Compartis® NP gives crown & bridge labs the ability to utilize their in-house, digital scanners to produce Cercon® art or open architecture .stl files, that when outsourced, eliminate the labor-intensive part of the non-precious production process.

Compartis NP, manufactured from biocompatible and corrosion-resistant Cobalt Chromium alloy, offers a full range of options for non-precious crown & bridge cases, from single-unit copings to bridges of up to 14-units.

DENTSPLY has invested in state-of-the-art SLM industrialized technology so labs can enjoy the services and benefits of enhanced product accuracy and consistent quality, without a major capital investment.  DENTSPLY delivers confidence in case management with a 72-hour turnaround time.  Compartis® NP is fully supported by DENTSPLY's expertise in CAD/CAM technology.

Feature Benefit
Single Unit Copings; Bridges up to 14 units Full range of options for non-precious C&B cases

CoCr Alloy (Co: 55.2%; Cr: 18.4%; W: 18.4%; Fe: 6%; Al: 2%)

Biocompatible and corrosion resistant material;
Nickel and Beryllium free for safe handling

CTE: 14.3 - 14.6 @ 500°C Compatible with most porcelain systems including Ceramco® iC, Ceramco® 3 and Duceram® KISS
SLM Technology

Industrialized production allowing for consistent quality and accuracy

Open Architecture

Process files from Cercon® art or scanners that produce open .stl files

72 Hour Turnaround Time Consistent and reliable service delivery for planned case management

Compartis NP provides lab efficiencies, accuracies and peace-of-mind-now that's Lab Smarter.

To get started go to  For more information or to talk to a Compartis Customer Service Representative, call 800-243-1942 x54211 or email