Portrait® IPN®

Portrait® IPN® premium denture teeth provide laboratories and dentists a wide selection of moulds and shades in order to create the perfect denture for each patient.

Unlike other hardened plastic teeth, IPN teeth are able to mimic the gradual wear of tooth enamel, while delivering outstanding occlusal integrity and long-lasting esthetics. The low wear feature is due to a proprietary chemistry that employs an Interpenetrating Polymer Network (IPN), formed when a highly engineered cross-linked polymer is combined with a special cross-linked monomer to form a highly wear-resistant double cross-link.

This highly wear-resistant material makes Portrait IPN the perfect choice for implant supported dentures. Due to their exceptional durability, DENTSPLY is able to offer a lifetime warranty on Portrait IPN teeth against excessive wear, breakage, discoloration or crazing. Truly customized dentures are possible with Portrait IPN offering:

  • Premium esthetics due to multi-part moulds
  • Highly wear-resistant IPN material
  • Popular Bioform® moulds
  • 55 upper and 24 lower anterior moulds
  • 38 upper and lower posterior moulds
  • 16 A-D, 3 bleached and the top 8 Bioform shades
  • Lifetime warranty*
  • 100% inspection
  • Made in the USA

*Details of warranty available upon request.

Portrait Townie Choice 2011

For more information or to order, call: 1-800-786-0085.