DENTSPLY Trubyte offers the widest variety of denture base materials. Whether a laboratory is looking for heat cured or self-cured acrylic, or an acrylic that can be packed, poured or injected, Lucitone® is the brand to look for. Trubyte also offers Eclipse and Triad monomer-free light-cured resins. The brands laboratories know and trust are from Trubyte, with Lucitone® setting the standard and proven over decades. And, it’s top of mind with dentists surveyed.

Lucitone® 199®

Lucitone 199

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Lucitone® FRS®

Lucitone FRS

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Or, consider the latest in technology with Eclipse® light-cured denture base resin where fit at try-in is fit at delivery. Eclipse materials have half the shrinkage of traditional acrylics and are MMA monomer free.

So, whether labs are looking for a denture base acrylic that can be packed, poured, injected or light cured, they can choose the material that best fits their laboratory’s needs. When looking for a denture base solution, Trubyte can help you “Lab SmarterSM”.